ONS Parks

The parks at ONS: Innovation park, Clean Energy park and IT Digital Park

Innovation Park

The Innovation Park showcases exciting new technologies and innovations
directly related to some of the challenges facing the energy industry. The Innovation Park hosts small and medium sized innovative companies.

They all have technologies with large value creation potential for the Norwegian Continental Shelf and are co-funded by The Norwegian Research Council. All companies will apply for the Innovation award.

The ONS Innovation Park is organised by The Research Council of Norway and is a dedicated arena for technological innovations and networking. Here you will learn more about the opportunities available in the different research and piloting programs offered by the Research Council programs to the oil and gas industry.

Clean Energy Park

The Clean Energy Park is a showroom for companies providing technologies, products and/or solutions promoting:
– cleaner fossil energy production
– smart use of energy on the petromaritime industry
– renewable energy production
– smart power development and optimisation including enabling technologies

The park will also feature relevant research institutes and innovation enablers.

IT Digital Park

The IT Digital Park is located in Hall 4. Being part of the pavilion offers great opportunities for exposure and value creation, as well as being a cost-effective solution for companies to display their solutions.

IT companies are experiencing that the oil and gas industry have woken up to the challenge and are seeking digital improvements, through collaborations and new suppliers, in all areas of their operations.

Digital Enablers Plaza – A collection of station points for smaller or early phase digitalisation companies where they can set up base, present their products / solutions.