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ONS Energy Talks

Through a series of regular live video streams, podcasts and blog post ONS aims to provide relevant and trustworthy information to the oil, gas and energy industry, as well as to the general public.

Video streams

Our first session is a videostream between Dr. Nashater Deu Solheim, CEO & Founder, Progressing Minds As, and President and CEO of ONS, Leif Johan Sevland. They will discuss the current situation and the role of leadership in challenging times.

Podcast series where you meet experts on energy, technology and sustainability.

AI in oil and gas, Bjørn-Erik Dale, Solution Seeker

Bjørn-Erik Dale is the CO-Founder and Executive Chairman of Solution Seeker. How can artificial intelligence (AI) give advice to production engineers in optimalizing production streams in the oil and gas sector? In this episode, Silvija Seres talks with Bjørn-Erik Dale about the development of artificial intelligence for real-time oil and gas production.

Today's leading source of energy, Jan-Olaf Willums, ZEM

Mr. Jan-Olaf Willums is the chairman and co-founder of ZEM (Zero Emission Marine). What is today's leading source of energy and do we underestimate the development of battery technology? Hear Jan-Olaf Willums discuss growing sources of energy and the need to continue developing and adapting battery technologies.

Hybrid technology, Kathrine Ryengen, ZEG Power

What is hybrid technology? How can you produce hydrocarbons from hydrogen gas in a sustainable way? In this episode, Silvija Seres from Lørn Tech talks to Kathrine Ryengen, CEO of ZEG power about efficient production of hydrogen from gas and integrated CO2 capture technology. ''We have to understand the potential that hydrogen can offer Norway and Norwegian industry, and particularly 'blue hydrogen' '', says Kathrine Ryengen

Future charging solutions, Anders Thingbø, Zaptec

How to become a world leader of smart charging solutions for electrical vehiles (EV)? Will ´the cloud´ give us lower energy bills? In this episode, Silvija Seres talks with CEO of Zaptec, Anders Thingbø, about the future of smart charging solutions and changes in the energy sector, ranging from traditional power companies to private sector.

Cooperation for innovation, Ragnhild Ulvik, Equinor

Ragnhild Ulvik is the VP of Corporate Innovation at Equinor. How do we solve the world's energy needs for the future? How do you incubate new, risky ideas from employees in a traditional company like Equinor? In this episode, Silvija Seres talks to VP of Innovation at Equinor, Ragnhild Ulvik, about working with corporate innovation by simultaneously preparing the old business model and finding new alternatives that will become both competitive and necessary for the future society. Society's not able to follow all technological advances at its current pace and the effects of new technologies on society remains to be seen, says Ragnhild.

Total energy efficiency, Frode Hvattum, Ruter & WWF

Frode Hvattum is Chief of Strategy at Ruter and Chairman at WWF. How can we deliver simultaneously on sustainability goals and economic growth? And how does the climate challenge affect the world's animal population? Frode Hvattum explains how to obtain total energy efficiency by turning to circular business models in mobility and how WWF works to preserve our natural resources.

Dare to change, Ragni Rørtveit, Equinor

Ragni Rørtveit is a Graduate Engineer at Equinor. Ragni talks to Silvija Seres about having the courage to support and accept change, shipping, carbon catching- and storage and the technologies of the future.

Greening of gas, Liv Hovem, DNV GL Oil & Gas

Liv Hovem is the CEO of DNV GL's Oil & Gas division. What are the most important trends in the oil & gas sector? How can CO2 gas be extracted before being used? Liv Hovem talks about the changes in the oil & gas sector, digital twins and why technology plays an important role.

Energy Technology Markets, Fridtjof Unander, the Norwegian Research Council

Fridtjof Unander is the Executive Director of the Norwegian Research Council. Which technologies are showing rapid improvements and which ones are about to radically change parts of the energy market? Which possibilities will open up for the players that are ready and innovative?

Sustainable mobility, Bernt Reitan Jenssen, Ruter

Bernt Reitan is the Managing Director of Ruter. Silvija Seres talks to Bernt Reitan about brave leadership in the public sector, the utilization of new types of energy in the transport sector, and how Ruter will reach its zero-emission goal by 2028.

Innovation and social responsibility, Kristin Færøvik, Lundin

Kristin Færøvik is the Managing Director of Lundin Norway. How can technology developed for the oil industry be applied in the health sector? Silvija Seres talks to Kristin Færøvik about the changes in the oil sector, new innovations and what it takes to stay competitive in the future.

Green value, Jens Ulltveit-Moe, UMOE

Jens Ulltveit Moe is the Founder and CEO of UMOE. How do you invest in green energy? How do we create green energy? In this episode, SIlvija Seres talks to Jens Ulltveit Moe about the production of bio ethanol, solar energy and renewable energy.

Data Liberation, Karl Johnny Hersvik, Aker BP

Karl Johnny Hersvik is the CEO of Aker BP. Which game-changing technologies are on Aker BP's agenda? And how can access to this data completely change business models? Silvija Seres talks to Karl Johnny Hersvik about visualization of data and algorithm based on optimization and reorganization of the value chain.

Energy disruption, Ramez Naam, Singularity University

Ramez Naam is the Co-Chair for Energy & Environment at Singularity University at NASA Ames. He is impatient with what’s happening in the world of energy. In this podcast he debates how we can maintain the uplift of people’s lives by providing them with energy in a clean way. Naam also points to some of the factors that will disrupt the current energy markets. Dr. Silvija Seres is an academic techie with a past in corporate leadership, a present in entrepreneurial investment, and a future in large-scale digital transformation processes in public and private sector.

Sustainable growth, Lise Kingo, U.N Global Impact

Lise  Kingo is CEO and Executive Director of U.N. Global Compact. How can businesses and organisations partner up to curb the climate change? How do we create a world where no one is left behind? These topics and more is addressed in this podcast with Lise Kingo and Silvija Seres.

AI in energy, Babur Ozden, Maana

Babur Ozden is the Founder & CEO of Maana. What is the division of AI tools and the humans who used to do the work? Will AI make them better or will people become less necessary? This and more is discussed in this podcast with Babur Ozden and Silvija Seres.

Cost consciousness, Torgrim Reitan, Equinor

Torgrim Reitan is Executive Vice President, Development & Production International at Equinor. How can we maintain a long term discipline in the oil and gas industry? How do we keep the momentum in an improving market? Hear Torgrim Reitan discuss the necessary sense of urgency, innovation and collaboration in Equinor and the oil and gas industry in general.

Social impact, Manoelle Lepoutre, Total

Ms. Manoelle Lepoutre serves as Senior Vice President of Civil and Society Engagement at TOTAL S.A. As Vice President, R&D at Total Exploration & Production since 2004 and until her recent nomination, Ms. Lepoutre has managed all of the programs designed to secure the technologies and capabilities required for future oil and gas exploration, production and development.