Where will the capital flow?

Energy and finance go hand-in-hand. What are the future prospects for the oil and offshore drilling markets, who will make  investments and which risks could influence the capital flow going forward? How do we manage innovation in a cyclical industry? Let’s take a deep dive into these questions in the ONS Conference session “Financing the energy industry. All in?” and in the Offshore Drillers Symposium & Lunch.

Financing the energy industry. All in?

What are the investors’ bets on the energy future? What are the reflections on the current market developments? Bull or bearish for long term investments? What makes investing in Norway interesting in a global context? Who will provide the capital, and will we see more innovative deal structures? How will increased focus on sustainability and environmental risks amongst investors influence future capital flows?

Top executives and industry experts will address these questions in the ONS Conference session “Financing the energy industry. All in?”, Wednesday 29 August. The session will be moderated by Philip Lambert, CEO, Lambert Energy.

Hear from:

Jeremy Low
Head of Energy EMEA
BMO Capital Markets
Ben Monaghan
PJT Partners
Katie Jackson
VP, Commerical & NBD, Europe & CIS
Morten Mauritzen
Point Resources
Alex Grant
SVP Business Development Origination & Execution
Kristin H. Holth
EVP Global Head of Ocean Industries
Carl Petter Finne
Offshore Merchant Partners
Helle Kristoffersen
SVP Strategy & Corporate Affairs

Session Sponsors:

Offshore Drillers Symposium & Lunch

Fearnley Securities and Fearnley Offshore invites to a Finance Luncheon, Wednesday 29 August with focus on offshore drilling from a market and investment perspective.

Industry leaders and analysts will give you the status and outlook for the oil market and the offshore drillers market. Innovation will also be on the agenda in the panel discussion “Offshore drilling – Managing innovation in a cyclical industry”.

See the full programme and register here. 

Speakers in the panel discussion:

Jeremy D. Thigpen
President and CEO
Thomas P. Burke
President and CEO
Rowan Companies
Simen Lieungh
Odfjell Drilling
Truls Olsen
Managing Director & Head of Research
Fearnley Securities
Rolf Bjørne
Managing Partner - Oslo
Fearnley Offshore

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