Drilling and downhole, G&G and Exploration

Challenge 11: Digitalization, Automation and Technology Development within D&W

Digitalisation, automation and technology development can help us optimise placement and increase performance when drilling wells. Increased focus and improved planning have improved well delivery substantially over the last 3 – 4 years and further improvement may only be possible through digitalization and automation.  How can this be achieved?

Recently the use of autonomous and electrical equipment in wells has increased and is expected to transform the way we operate these new wells – how does it work?

Topics may include:

  • Collection and sharing of mechanical drilling data
  • Use of digital and automated well planning systems
  • Optimize well placement and production
  • Experience with drill floor robotics and automated drilling
  • Green technology development in future wells (electrical)
  • Autonomous systems to remote monitor, control and perform offshore drilling operations
  • Green technology development in future wells (electrical)
  • Automated systems within tubular management

Challenge 12: How can digitalisation optimise reservoir development?

From seismic models to planning of wells – how can digitalisation help us optimise reservoir development? How do we achieve an integrated workflow from discovery to production?

Topics may include:

  • Data acquisition and utilization for optimized well placement and production
  • Application of 4D seismic technology
  • Advances with fibre optics and advanced sensor technology in wells
  • Development in reservoir simulation technology
  • Integrated workflows from discovery to development
  • X number of years of Digitalization/Data lakes/ML/AI hype– where are we now? (successes and failures)
  • Production optimization through Machine Learning – fact or fake?
  • Application of new digital technology in brown fields
  • Cost effective and reliable artificial lift solutions to increase lift span of brown field production

Challenge 13: What is the next step-change in Drilling Performance?

Over the last years drilling performance has increased substantially but is levelling out.
A step change is required to improve performance that will allow the NCS to remain competitive. What new technologies are emerging? What advances in digital solutions, automated drilling and well construction exist? What is on the digital and automation roadmap in the years to come?
What will the future look like for the engineers of tomorrow within well construction?

Topics may include:

  • Experience and examples of advances in drilling performance
  • Performance through automated drilling
  • Local regulations challenges limit increase in performance?
  • Experience from dual derrick drilling operations and parallel activities
  • Experience with Slim Hole design
  • Experience from Wired Pipe operations and WDP role in automated drilling operations
  • Experience with onshore remote well constructions centres

Challenge 14: Exploration - what will it take to break the trend? How can we step up the exploration game to deliver continued growth?

With a global increase in oil demand, fast falling decline curves, ageing infrastructure, a need for more development projects combined with relatively low rig rates – the time to explore for more oil and gas should be now.
But exploration results have been below expectations for many years. We are looking for casestudies and solutions to the challenges at hand, enabling the exploration community to improve performance in a constantly changing business environment.

Topics may include:

  • Technology & Innovation – Which new possibilities, enabled by technology, has the potential to improve Exploration success?
  • Improved data processing power and Big Data – Which new solutions can radically improve time spent on repetitive tasks, and could these solutions potentially challenge established truths and reveal the ‘unknown unknowns’?
  • Industry Collaboration – How can we push the boundaries and move further and faster with improved quality and economy?
  • Creativity – How can the industry stimulate creativity, given the recent competence leakage, limited time and resources available?
  • Radical Innovation – Which innovative solutions have the potential to disrupt Exploration?
  • People & Technology – How do we integrate new technology efficiently within the field of Exploration?
  • Cross Pollination – What can we learn from other industries – and how can Explorationists contribute to the Energy Transition?
  •  Impactful Geological Concept – Have we tested all possibilities? We are welcoming recent advances in Play Exploration highlighting untested potential