DNO supports ONS Young

DNO is sponsoring ONS Foundations´ work towards ONS Young 2020, contributing to creating a unique venue for the younger generation.

Mille Marie Isaksen is on a secondment agreement with DNO.

ONS Young is an arena at the biennial ONS Conference, specifically made for the younger audience. ONS Foundation believes that the youth is the future and part of the solution to the energy dilemmas facing us today.

ONS Young aims to show and promote the diversity of the energy industry and to create important meeting places for the next generation in the industry.

DNO sponsors our ONS Young-project by seconding Mille Marie Isaksen to the project. Isaksen will be working with creating an inspiring venue for ONS Young 2020.

– A big thank you to DNO who is helping us to secure a fresh approach and critical eye on established approaches by seconding Mille to the ONS Young-project, says Leif Johan Sevland, CEO and president of the ONS Foundation.

–  We are pleased to engage to with the energy decision makers of tomorrow today, says Bjørn Dale, Managing Director in DNO.

Read more about ONS Young here.