Digital Solutions and Security

Challenge 1: Together building the platform necessary for Digital Transformation of Oil & Gas companies

Digital transformation will be effective and successful only if fundamental aspects are addressed – such as data management and governance strategies (including data quality and lineage), building of digital platforms and setting up digital twins of physical assets, where these create interoperable ecosystems of operators and suppliers. ​

How are companies together building their digital foundations for the future to ensure transformation and continuous improvements? ​

We are in particular looking for companies collaborating both across the value chain (operators and suppliers) and across (operator to operator) to drive standardization of e.g., API to exchange data, etc.

Challenge 2: Scaling transformation together: Digital Products and Solutions to transform performance across the oil & gas industry

Digital Products have the potential to change the industry by using data in different ways, enabling better and faster solutions to the problems we need to solve. These solutions occur across all phases of activities, including subsurface realizations, project delivery, and sub-sea and facilities asset management.

How are digital products and applications developed that can be used across the industry (both operators and suppliers), to ensure we get continuous improvements and avoid one-off custom solutions?

How can we scale what we are doing on the NCS to realize value globally?

Challenge 3: How can handling of big data be used to achieve production optimization? Can fully autonomous systems be achieved and contribute to reduced cost and environmental impact?

Condition monitoring has been used to see possible failures before they occur. This has led to reduced down time and more planned maintenance. Can this methodology be used in other areas to achieve a more optimal production?

Operators are looking towards onshore control centres to fine tune production with experts onshore. How can we use autonomous systems and digitalization/technology to achieve production optimization?

Challenge 4: Do you think you are safe? Cybersecurity in an IT and OT interconnected world

Increased connectivity and data flow across boundaries from increased number of sensors and actuators could leave us vulnerable to cyber-security threats.

This is especially critical when considering operational technology security – when working directly on the technical network of assets.

How do we manage this cyber-security threat and maintain safe operations?

How do we maintain cyber-safe operations when use of robots and drones increase and their use is deeper embedded in our daily operations?

Challenge 5: How about you? The role of people in our digital future

Digital transformation changes the competences needed and behavioural attributes for successful work.

How can we make sure our employees embrace and drive this transformation?

How can we develop and integrate digital technologies, including machine learning/artificial intelligence, in a way that unlock capabilities of human beings and provide fulfilling work life?