Corporates. Scale-ups. Together

From top-down, to bottom-up; we aim to match Scale-ups with all the top Corporate Venture & VCs to make deals, find growth opportunities and create value, together.

Going on 46 years, ONS has focused on new technology & innovation in the energy sector. Now, we are expanding the platform and bringing together even more of the innovators, technologists, and economists who are shaping the next generation super-growth companies within energy, robotics & automation.


For decades, the value-chain surrounding the energy business has been sheltered from creative disruption due to an arsenal of competitive barriers; access to capital, historic exclusivity, customer inertia and insights. But this is no longer. Today, startups and scale-ups are changing the competitive landscape to the point where corporate venturing is no longer a question of if, but how. How can scale-ups and corporate work together to create value? How can digital enablers help make this happen?

We are following our plans for 2020, and now working to build a valuable programme for scale-ups and investors at the ONS platform going forward. ONS aims to create a meeting place where scale-ups can:

  • Get one-on-one sit downs with CVC and VCs.
  • Be seen by hundreds of investors, corporations and influential innovators.
  • Leads and sales – connect with new customers in an informal way.
  • Meet top digitization, cloud & consulting firms.
  • Recruitment – find your new co-founder, CTO or tech talent.

What’s in it for investors:

  • Meet the top startups & scale-ups.
  • Discover deals, co-investments and network with all the top CVCs and VCs across the Nordics.
  • Take inspiration and learn from new companies.

What to do next? 

The relevant ONS programme details will be developed into more details. Are you a Scale-up who would like one-on-one talks with the top corporate venture and VC firms? Or are you an investor having ideas of how to create an attractive meeting place? Let us connect you.

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