Videos from ONS 2012 – Conference

Opening Session

Wednesday morning session

Geography, Geology and Geopolitics energy paradoxes
– access and need versus preservation

  • Bente Nyland – Fundamentals of oil & gas in a multi-polar world: Video
  • Ola Borten Moe – Norwegian oil and gas – prudent resource management: Video
  • YPCA – Team: Statoil ASA – Paradox: Save the planet – or the poor?: Video
  • Ryan M Lance – Licence to operate in harsh climate – the Arctic: Video
  • Kathy Pepper – Energy for growth – operating challenges in harsh environments: Video
  • Dr. Henrik O. Madsen – Energy and environment
    – Arctic resource development, risk and responsible management: Video
  • Walter Qvam – Maritime environmental monitoring from subsea to spac: Video
  • W. Matt Ralls – Energy and environment – Licence to drill: Video

Wednesday afternoon session

Geography, Geology and Geopolitics energy paradoxes
– access and need versus preservation

  • YPCA – Team Aker Solutions – Paradox: Local politicians solving global climate problems? Video
  • Siri Espedal Kindem – Energy and environment – more from existing fields – prudent resource policy: Video
  • YPCA – Team ConocoPhillips – Paradox: Why not more gas – and less coal? Video
  • Professor Dieter Helm – Can Europe have it all? What should Europe want from its future Energy Mix? Video
  • Discussion – Why not more natural gas? Video

Thursday morning session

Technology and innovation

  • C. Ashley Heppenstall – The story of the Greater Luno Area – how unconvential thinking uncovered a North Sea giant. Video
  • YPCA – DNV Team – Paradox: Leading technology industry, yet on the beach with buckets. Video
  • Louis Bon – Pazflor, a giant in Angola – a technological breakthrough in deep water developments. Video
  • Guy de Kort – Shell’s GTL project in Qatar. Video
  • Kyel Hodenfield, Schlumberger – Unconventional shale gas: How an inaccessible resource could become a game changer? Video
  • YPCA – Quiz and Ceremony. Video

Thursday afternoon session

Technology and innovation

  • Unni Merete Steinsmo – Oil spill response in an innovative perspective. Video
  • Keith Lewis – Learning, innovating, collaborating: Delivering the next generation of well intervention capabilities. Video
  • Dr Akira Amoto – Nuclear disaster in Japan; what went wrong and which learnings are universal? Video
  • Panel discussion – Are we spending too much effort on negligible risk reduction – and too little on preparing for the consequences of an improbable event? Video

Friday session

Young People`s Energy Forum

  • Pål Brekke, Astrorock – A cosmic voyage through the history of rock. Video
  • Marte Gerhardsen – iStreetlight – Visualizing the energy imbalance in the world. Video
  • Marianne T. Poulsen – Renewables and oil & gas – What is this “battle”, and what are the realities? Video
  • Aslak Sira Myhre – Oilkid. Video
  • ONS Gründercamp – Competition for 9th graders. Video
  • Norway’s silicon valley – young entrepeneurship and technology: intro video
    – Øystein Larsen: Video
    – Silje Rabben: Video
    – Shane McArdle: Video
  • Roger Alsaker – Norway’s oil age – will you see the end of it? Video