The ONS Conferences

620 speakers share their insight and knowledge on our seven conference features. Here is an overview of the available content.

The ONS Conference

Our main conference feature is known as one of the world’s most important oil, gas and energy fora, giving the delegates a sneak peek into the future of the energy world.

  • The big questions addressed and debated
  • Brings together ministers, managers, technical specialists and analysts
  • …but make no mistake, the topics are valuable to everyone who wants to know what is going on in the industry
  • Plenary and parallel sessions

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ONS Summit

A forum for senior executives from the world’s leading oil and gas companies, political leaders of energy producing countries and relevant organisations.

  • Decision makers in postion to influence the future
  • Geopolitical debates on energy and environmental issues
  • Facilitates cooperation between the leaders in the energy world

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ONS Centre Court

Smaller conference arena in the middle of the ONS Exhibition. Special focus on clean energy issues and disruptive trends.

  • Free entrance for all visitors of the exhibition
  • Wide range of interesting topics
  • High level speakers

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ONS Technical Sessions

The technical challenges of the industry, presented by the problem owners – and the possible solutions, presented by the magnificent innovators of the supply industry.

  • Technical experts presenting in-depth oil and gas knowledge
  • The entire life-cycle of fields, from exploration to decommissioning
  • Technology transfer to/from other industries
  • New feature in 2016 – and a great success!

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ONS Young

An extensive full-week programme made for and by young people. Different events for different target groups; middle school, high school, university students, young professionals and teachers.

  • Let the young voice be heard! We need to be honest and build trust to move forward, both at ONS Young and the overall ONS Conference. That is why we utilize a broad network of youngsters in our planning and in our content.
  • Promoting possibilities on how to join the green transition in the energy industry
  • Providing confidence in the young participants existing skills and the opportunity to socialize in a networking manner

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ONS International Markets

In cooperation with and presented by NORWEP. Focusing on business opportunities for Norwegian companies abroad.

  • Insight into specific markets
  • Country sessions
  • Access to key players from each market

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ONS Renewable Markets

In cooperation with NORWEP and Greater Stavanger. Focus on renewable markets and technology transfer and opportunities for the oil and gas suppliers.

  • Special focus on offshore wind at ONS 2016
  • New markets in need of technology and expertise
  • New conference feature in 2016

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