Technical Sessions

At ONS 2016, a brand new conference arena, Technical Sessions, will be an integrated part of the programme. Hear innovative companies present their technological solutions to the unsolved problems facing the industry.

The Technical Sessions concept
The Technical Sessions Committee, which is made up of a broad spectrum of experienced technology experts from across the industry, identified the unsolved challenges within oil and gas. The companies of the industry were invited to submit suggestions for technological solutions.

ONS1dag 229The response was overwhelming, and based on the submissions, a total of 16 sessions have been scheduled. In addition, four sessions on New Markets will be held on Thursday 1 September.

Each session will feature multiple speakers. The speakers will be announced soon!

The Technical Sessions will be executed with assistance from the The Norwegian Petroleum Society.

Technichal Sessions – programme overview

PT6A8122Tuesday 30 August 10.00-12.00 (parallel sessions)

1. Technological quantum leaps: how technology changed industries
2. New concepts for drilling operations
3. Innovative greenfield solutions
4. Production optimisation and reduction of environmental impact

Tuesday 30 August, 13.00-15.00 (parallel sessions)

5. Technological quantum leaps in the oil and gas industry
6. New downhole technologies
7. Safe and cost effective field development solutions for the Norwegian Barents Sea
8. Cost effective maintenance of mature assets

Wednesday 31 August, 10.00-12.00  (parallel sessions) 

ONS1dag 198[modified]9.  Decommissioning
10. Barents Sea drilling solutions
11. Innovative subsea technology
12. Extension of field life

Wednesday 31 August, 13.00-15.00 (parallel sessions) 

13. G&G: unlocking the hydrocarbon potential – the role of technology and concepts
14. Cost effective slot recovery and P&A
15. Subsea boosting for increased recovery
16. Cost effective brownfield modifications

Thursday: Technical Sessions – New markets
On the Thursday, four sessions under the title “New markets” aim to display the other markets the oil and gas suppliers can look to.

Thursday 1 September, 10.00-12.15 (parallel sessions) 

17. Aquaculture, production facilities
18. Aquaculture, operation and support
19. Onshore infrastructure
20. From idea to product/market.

The New Market sessions are put together in cooperation with institutions like Sintef and Marintek, organisations like Nordic Edge, Petro Arctic and INTSOK, and a range of other relevant companies and experts.

Each session costs NOK 750 (VAT excl.) Start buying tickets!
Please note: a ticket to the exhibition is also required to access the venue. This gives access to the ONS Exhibition all four days.


Line Geheb, Chair of the Technical Sessions Committee.

“Smart use of technology is key to making our industry more robust in a world of low oil prices, high costs and climate change. Operators and suppliers are equally important in the identification of technology gaps and the development of technical solutions. During the Technical Sessions, we will address the challenges from the problem owners’ perspective, followed by presentations of possible solutions,” says Line Geheb, Chair of the ONS Technical Committee and Asset Manager with Petoro.

See the members of the Technical Committee.