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ONS Centre Court – The Future Society lab

How will we live our lives in the future? How will we produce and consume energy? How will we be powered? The future is now and we look forward to welcome you to the ONS Centre Court.

Energy in future societies

At the ONS Centre Court we will shed light on energy in future societies and the current energy transition. The future is now, and we look forward to welcoming you to “The Future Society Lab”.

To better understand global trends across the energy ecosystem we have invited leading thinkers and practitioners on global energy issues and technologies coupled with experts from the financial sector, environmental agencies and policy makers.

At the ONS Centre Court 2018 the following topics and more where discussed, all in the context of shaping a sustainable energy landscape of future societies:

  • the green mobility revolution
  • artificial intelligence
  • robotics
  • digital solutions
  • blockchain
  • renewable energy
  • sustainable solutions
  • cleaner oil and gas production
  • CCS

Get your expert updates on energy related academic and political topics through the four-day programme. This includes in-depth interviews with industry leaders, lunch battles on timely and relevant issues, and more traditional sessions.

Access to the Centre Court is included in the ONS Exhibition ticket.

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