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ONS Centre Court – From Apart to Together

How to close the gaps to a sustainable (energy) future?

The ONS Centre Court is a space to shed light and enable a debate around the future of energy. As every year, and to better examine global trends across the energy ecosystem, we give the floor to industry leaders and representatives, entrepreneurs, experts from the financial sector, environmental agencies and policy makers.


The ONS Centre Court aims to enable a discussion and reflexion around pressing questions regarding Sustainability: What are the challenges on the path towards a more sustainable future in the energy industry, and particularly, how can they be overcome?

The Centre Court will cover the following main topics:

  • Emerging solutions for the existing knowledge, technology and leadership gaps in the industry
  • The “un-sustainability” of today and the dilemmas that we are faced with
  • Drivers and disruptors that can close the gap
  • Establish the toolbox needed for change


The Centre Court will offer daily activities throughout all four days of ONS:

  • Morning talks: One on one interviews
  • Workshops: Interactive sessions involving the audience in problem solving
  • Lunch battle​: Polarized discussions with 3-5 persons bringing different perspectives to the table
  • Standard sessions: Presentation of 4 different perspectives and debate
  • Quiz related to the gaps​: Interactive​ session

Get your expert updates on energy related academic and political topics. Access to the Centre Court is included in the ONS Exhibition ticket.



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