Confidentiality policy - Innovation Awards

This document describes ONS and the Jury’s (the “Recipients’ ”) confidentiality policy (the “Confidentiality Policy”) towards applicants (“the Disclosing party”) in relation to information received in connection with the application for ONS Innovation awards (the “Confidential Information”). Applicants for the ONS Innovation awards are subject to acceptance of this Confidentiality Policy.

Recipients will receive Confidential Information as a part of the assessment of the applications. The jury is selected on the basis of their experience and reputation and are asked and expected to use the same care and respect for confidentiality as they do in reviewing designs, business ideas and product concepts in their other offices and positions. In particular, the Recipients shall:

  1. Keep the Confidential Information secret and confidential and not disclose any of it to any person other than individuals i) who are directors or employees of ONS or ii) members of the Jury; and iii) who need to know the same for the purposes of considering, evaluating, advising on or furthering the application.
  2. only use the Confidential Information for the sole purpose of considering, evaluating, advising on or furthering the application and shall not use it for any other purpose;
  3. keep the Confidential Information and any copies thereof secure and in such a way so as to prevent unauthorised access by any third party, shall not make any copies of it or reproduce it in any form except for the purpose of supplying the same to those to whom disclosure is permitted in accordance with this policy; and
  4. inform the Disclosing party immediately if the Recipient becomes aware that Confidential Information has been disclosed to an unauthorised third party.

The Confidential Information shall remain the property of the Disclosing party and its disclosure shall not confer on the Recipient any rights (including any intellectual property rights) over the Confidential Information whatsoever.

The provisions above shall not restrict any disclosure required by law or by any court of competent jurisdiction, or any enquiry or investigation by any governmental, official or regulatory body which is lawfully entitled to require any such disclosure.

If Confidential Information is disclosed to third parties, by a violation of this Confidential Policy, the Recipients will have no liability whatsoever towards the Disclosing party, to the extent it is possible to limit responsibility according to Norwegian law and court practice.

This Confidentiality Policy shall be governed by Norwegian law. Venue shall be Stavanger District Court, Norway.