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ONS Innovation Awards

Our industry must evolve and cannot rely on past practices to secure future business.
Discover the emerging technologies that can change the energy industry.

Let's innovate!

The future of the international oil, gas and energy industry depends increasingly on its ability to develop new technologies. What are some of the emerging technologies that have the potential to transform the way energy is produced and used?

Our Innovation Awards are presented at the ONS Conference. Please see the guidelines and criteria for entering to the left.

Timeline for 2020

  • The application portal opens on 15 March 2020
  • Deadline for applications – the portal closes on 20 May 2020
  • The number of candidates is announced in June 2020
  • Finalists are announced in August 2020
  • The finalists are invited to present their innovations at ONS 2020 Technical Sessions
  • The awards will be presented to the winners at the ONS 2020 Conference

The Innovation Award

Through the ONS Innovation Award we recognise the crucial importance of cutting-edge technologies and solutions. The ONS Innovation Award was first presented in 1982.

The ONS Innovation Award Jury 2020

SME Innovation Award

In 2004 the SME Innovation award was established to ensure that small and medium-sized enterprises are given the chance to highlight their new developments.

Previous winners

– Interwell for “Thermite P&A Barrier”
– Typhonix for “Typhoon Valve System” (SME Innovation Award)

– Island Offshore and Centrica for Riser-less coil tubing drilling
– TechInvent for the FluidCom™ technology (SME Innovation Award)

– Schlumberger – for their GeoSphere – reservoir mapping while drilling service
– Fishbones – for or its completion method for making large numbers of laterals simultaneously out of one wellbore (SME Innovation Award)

– Aker Solutions & Statoil – for the Åsgard Subsea Gas Compression System
– Biota Guard – for the Biota Guard System (SME Innovation Award)

– FMC Technologies – for the development of its innovative well control system, “Through Tubing Rotary Drilling” – TTRD
– Reelwell – for its research-based innovations, The Reelwell Drilling Method and Telemetry System (SME Innovation Award)

– Welltec – reverse circulating bit
– Cubility – for its MudCube™ enhanced fluid cleaning system (SME Innovation Award)

– Aker Kvaerner – Subsea
– Tomax (SME Innovation Award)

– BP Norge AS – seismic on demand,  a new way to monitor reservoirs
– Total Catcher – the tubing disappearing plug  (SME Innovation Award)

– AS Norske Shell – Fuel cell with zero emissions
– Easy Well Solutions (Incubator Award)

2000 Norsk Hydro ASA – H-Sep system for downhole separation of wellstream fluids

1998 ABB Offshore Technology AS – Subsis

1996 Maritime Hydraulics AS – RamRig drilling machine

1994 ETPM – SmartLeg heavy deck installation

1992 Kværner Energy AS – Booster station for subsea production

1990 Eastman Christensen – Contribution to added flexibility and accuracy in directional and horizontal drilling systems

1988 Norwegian Petroleum Consultants AS – Triss field development concept

1986 Ugland/Kongsberg Joint venture – Ukols offshore loading system

1984 Mobil Exploration and Production Norway – Subsea Atmospheric System

1982 Norwegian Contractors – Condeep