A digital celebration of innovation

ONS 2020 Innovation Awards will be awarded through a digital award ceremony, celebrating innovation and groundbreaking technology in the energy industry.

The energy industry is at large built on innovation and the ability to further develop. We depend on new technologies, new solutions and new ideas. ONS Innovation Awards aims to celebrate and promote the emerging technologies that can transform the energy industry.

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ONS Innovation Award provides a unique opportunity for companies to showcase and promote their newest developments to a global audience.

New ideas and innovation

Although ONS 2020 will not proceed in the form we know it, we aim to have certain digital highlights for our audience.

– The Innovation Award will proceed to emphasize the importance of a continuous development of technology and new ideas, says Tarjei Nødtvedt Malme, chair of the ONS Innovation Award jury.

Two categories

The ONS Innovation Awards are divided into two categories:  one for large companies and one for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The ONS Innovation Award Jury is formed by 8 members representing research centres, international associations and private companies.

The deadline for applying is 20 May 2020 and everyone can apply. ONS will present the finalists and their innovations in all ONS channels. The winners will receive the awards in a digital award ceremony.

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