You are the next game changers. Imagine that!

It’s really quite obvious: tomorrow’s leaders are young people today. That’s why it’s vital for the entire industry to make sure the brightest minds choose a career in oil and gas. And if you are wondering: Yes, there still is a future in energy.

Right now the times are rough. The oil price is low, the companies are struggling with low margins – and people have lost their jobs. If you have an education aimed at the oil and gas industry, or considering one – you might be wondering if you made the right choice. Well, let us reassure you. It’s a cycle, and the oil industry has been here before.

The oil and gas industry is in a constant state of development. New forms of energy require new technologies. Demands for cost reduction lead to new solutions. World energy consumption is increasing with greater competition for resources. How can we provide enough energy to the people of the world without damaging the environment?

The industry needs young energy
In order to solve these challenges, the industry needs young people with fresh approaches and a sharp, critical eye on established practices. What the industry needs is quite simply new energy, in the form of young people.

The idea behind ONS Young is to

    • Show and promote the diversity of the energy industry
    • Create an important meeting place for the next generation in the industry
    • Inspire young people to choose an education within science
    • Promote career opportunities in the energy industry
    • Give the young professionals in the industry a valuable network arena

For many young people ONS is their first meeting with a new employer, or their next step in an oil and gas education.

We hope to see you at ONS Young in August!

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