Why you should attend ONS 2016

There are numerous reasons why you should attend ONS 2016 as it offers you endless opportunities. Here we argue some of them!

  • MEL 0155[modified]ONS 2016 gives you updates on the latest news, trends, innovations and technical solutions in the industry
  • Access to your entire target audience, including investors, contractors, suppliers, decision makers, politicians, government leaders and key players in the industry
  • Opportunity to expand your network and acquire new valuable contacts, arrange B2B meetings and lay the groundwork for future agreements and contracts
  • Opportunity to nurture existing customer relationships, as well as get in touch with and acquire new customers
  • Through debate, discussion and dialogue at the conference, you can take part in finding new solutions that will shape the energy industry in years to come
  • At ONS Young, talented young graduates and professionals come together to learn about the industry, build network and prove themselves to industry leaders. This offers you a unique arena for meeting and recruiting up-and-coming talents to your company
  • Value for money – ONS is both an exhibition, a conference and a festival. At ONS you can get the latest news from the industry at the conference, meet your target audience at the exhibition, as well as network and acquire valuable contacts at the evening festival – all in one day!
  • ONS 2016 has extended its conference program with «Technical Sessions». Here experts will update you on the industry’s latest innovations and technical solutions
  • For only 400 NOK you get access to the ONS Exhibition and Centre Court presentations – for all four days!

Why your leader would want you to attend ONS 2016

Here are some arguments to help explain management why your attendance is valuable to your company

  • ONS3dag 100Attending ONS 2016 is an investment in knowledge and competence. The ONS conference content will provide employees with new and valuable insight, which will make the company better equipped to adapt and survive in a challenging market. In order to take part in the industry’s transition in the years to come, it is vital to be proactive and up to speed with the current market situation, new trends, innovations and technical solutions
  • If you participate at ONS 2016, you can bring back valuable knowledge to share with colleagues, management and other departments
  • ONS 2016 offers great business opportunities. The ONS Exhibition gives access to your entire target audience, including investors, contractors, suppliers, decision makers, politicians, government leaders and key players in the industry
  • In a challenging market it is crucial to be visible to competitors and to the rest of the industry. It’s a chance to how the world you are still in the game!
  • ONS puts a lot of focus on issues concerning clean energy. Attending ONS will demonstrate that your company is willing to adapt and find more sustainable solutions
  • A good portion of the exhibitors hold interesting presentations on their stands about their projects, services, technological innovations and future plans. Participating gives a priceless overview of what is going on in the industry
  • Value for money – ONS offers specialised content and has expanded the conference programme, with more focus on in-depth technical issues.
  • You won’t need to attend any other conference this year!

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