The energy industry needs young talent!

ONS Young is a special event for young people, which takes place during ONS in Stavanger from 29 August to 1 September 2016. Here you can hear about innovation in Dubai, be an entrepreneur for a day, connect with other young people from around the world, and who knows – you may also meet your future employer.


Kristine Vestrheim, Project Manager for ONS Young.

Come to ONS Young and be inspired!
Kristine Vestrheim (30), the Project Manager of ONS Young, is in sole charge of planning and organising the event, which is divided into five sections:

  • University Day Students can come and be inspired and get useful knowledge about the industry and the chance to make valuable contacts.
  • Future Students’ Day – Pupils in upper secondary school will hear about exciting job opportunities and good reasons for choosing a career in the oil and gas industry.
  • Young Professionals’ Arena – If you’re young and at the start of your career – come and be inspired by other young people in the industry and get the opportunity to “fuel your network”. And there will be evening entertainment by a mystery artist.
  • Young Innovation Camp Lower secondary school pupils get to try their luck as entrepreneurs for a day and present their ideas to industry representatives.
  • Teachers’ ClassroomTeachers become pupils to learn about the variety of job opportunities in the oil and gas industry; this will provide them with a better foundation to give their pupils guidance on careers and further studies.

Vestrheim says that the idea behind ONS Young is for those working in the industry to communicate their enthusiasm to young people, and in this way inspire others to choose a career in oil and gas. This will provide a good insight into the industry and present the opportunities available.

“Many of the speakers are also young, and can relate to choosing what to study, finding a job after graduation and building a career,” Vestrheim explains.

ONS Young will also focus on discussing the challenging times the oil industry is going through.

“We want to address the uncertainty of many young people in relation to the current situation. The speakers will show that there are still many opportunities in this industry,” says Vestrheim.

ONS Young is important for Statoil

From University Day at ONS 2014.

From University Day at ONS 2014.

Vestrheim’s working day as Project Manager of ONS Young is busy and varied. The job has a steep learning curve, and the challenges are myriad, but that does not stop the girl from Øystese – in fact, it motivates her to work even harder.

“I get the chance to bring together lots of ambitious and innovative people, and also to put exciting topics and social issues on the agenda. That energises me!”

When asked what she thinks about the fact that Eldar Sætre himself, the CEO of Statoil, has said that ONS Young is one reason why ONS is important to Statoil, Vestrheim is quick to reply:

“It’s really great that one of the biggest names in Norwegian industry recognises the importance of the work I’m doing!”

Vestrheim believes there is a bright future for young people in oil and gas. The industry is undergoing a restructuring process, and needs fresh blood in the form of young people who can provide new knowledge and bring novel perspectives and approaches to established practices.

“Tomorrow’s leaders are young people today – they are the key to solving the challenges facing the industry,” Vestrheim concludes.
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