ONS Technical Sessions – securing your next business!

ONS Technical Sessions represents a new way of debating the technological challenges facing the industry – and pinpointing your next business opportunity!

Challenges – and possible solutions

The Technical Sessions Committee – a selection of the energy industry’s best and brightest – have used their aggregated centuries of experience to identify cost inflating bottlenecks and unsolved challenges through the entire value chain in the North Sea region.

The challenges identified by the committee are presented to the industry, and ONS invites all innovative companies/individuals/organisations to submit their solutions to them.

The submitted material is used to set up the Technical Sessions program – and the companies behind the selected material are invited to present their technology at the Technical Sessions. Read more about speaker opportunities below.

Why attend the Technical Sessions?
Delegates to these sessions will learn about the challenges, how far the industry has come in solving them, thus enabling them to see if and where their own product or idea fits in – and meet the key market players at the same arena.

Speaker opportunities

If you are interested in presenting at the ONS Technical Sessions, here are some dates* to pay attention to:

October 2017: Challenges and topics are presented

November 2017: Application portal opens

2 February 2018: Deadline for applications – portal closes

April 2018: Program outline ready!

*Please note that the estimated timeline may be subject to change. To receive notifications about these important dates, please sign up to the ONS Newsletter here.