Technical Sessions - what's in it for you?

ONS Technical Sessions is built around the main theme for ONS, Transition, focusing on the business opportunities for technology companies.

The Technical Sessions Committee – a selection of the energy industry’s best and brightest – have used their aggregated centuries of experience and identified cost inflating bottlenecks and topics through the entire value chain in the North Sea region.

We then invited companies and organisations to submit their suggestions for technology solutions: Demand and supply 101.

The result: the challenges will be addressed from the problem owners’ perspective – followed by a selection of the possible solutions.

What’s in it for you?
Delegates to these sessions will learn about the challenges, how far the industry has come in solving them, thus enabling them to see if and where their own product or idea fits in – and meet the key market players at the same arena.

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The Technical Sessions topics

Tuesday 30 August, 10.00-12.00 PT6A8122

1. Technological quantum leaps: how technology changed industries
What can the petroleum industry learn from other industries? In this session we focus on how other industries like the car manufacturing and space industry dealt with their technology challenges.

2. New concepts for drilling operations
Drilling and well –related costs account for roughly half of offshore spending. In this sessions we learn about current challenges, and how the players so far have attempted to mitigate them.

3. Innovative greenfield solutions
We know there are reserves in the ground, but how can we, through smarter development solutions, realise them in a USD 50 per barrel – and low emission – environment?

4. Production optimisation and reduction of environmental impact
How can we optimise output and cut emissions in the new market reality? Where are the bottlenecks, and how can they be dealt with?

Tuesday 30 August, 13.00-15.00

PT6A49165. Technological quantum leaps in the oil and gas industry
Learn how implementing new and cutting edge technologies improves petroleum companies’ bottom lines.

6. New downhole technologies
What goes on in a well can make or break your project, so real time data – and the ability to react with agility – is key. In this session we look at the downhole challenges and solutions.

7. Safe and cost effective field development solutions for the Norwegian Barents Sea
Some say the future of the petroleum industry are in the arctic, but dark winters, low temperatures and lack of infrastructure ups the ante. In Session 7 we bust a few myths, and learn how industry players can mitigate the Barents Sea challenges through new technology.

8. Cost effective maintenance of mature assets
As installations grow older, maintenance costs tend to increase. How can we, through working smarter, break the curve?

Wednesday 31 August, 10.00-12.00  

9. Decommissioning
Cutting decommissioning costs have a direct impact on petroleum companies’ bottom line. Which part of the process has the largest impact, and can we find better solutions?

PT6A973610: Barents Sea drilling solutions
The geology of the Barents Sea, with shallow reservoirs and karstified carbonates, offers challenges previously unseen in the northern European plays. Do we have the solutions?

11. Innovative subsea technology
Through technology development, and implementing standardised solutions, subsea players have managed to increase output at a lower cost. In this session we look at the latest solutions, and at which challenges that remain unsolved – for now.

12. Extension of field life
Remaining reserves in mature fields in the North Sea region are larger than those in undeveloped discoveries. How can we get ageing installations to produce longer in a safe and environmentally sound fashion?

Wednesday 31 August, 13.00-15.00

13. G&G: unlocking the hydrocarbon potential – the role of technology and concepts
Over the last couple of years subsurface technology and knowledge have taken a quantum leap. In Session 13 delegates will learn about the latest developments, and what remains unsolved.

 14. Cost effective slot recovery and P&A
How can we cut the costs on P&A? What will have the greatest impact, and where are the opportunities?

15. Subsea boosting for increased recovery
Subsea boosting is regarded a large step towards the realisation of the “subsea factory” -vision. How close are we now, and where are the remaining challenges?

16. Cost effective brownfield modifications
Re-using installations and parts of installations, implementing new modules and solutions to increase field life – or giving life to tie backs. This session can be summed up in one sentence: How to get it right in brownfield engineering.  

New markets
In addition to the “traditional” petroleum related sessions, there will be held 4 sessions aiming to show which other markets the oil and gas suppliers’ industry can look to for their excess capacity – or how and where that capacity can be better put to use.

These sessions are put together in cooperation with institutions like Sintef and Marintek, organisations like Nordic Edge, Petro Arctic and Intsok, and a range of other relevant companies and experts.

Thursday 1 September, 10.00-12.15

PT6A771417. Aquaculture, production facilities
Where are the petroleum supply industry’s market opportunities within the production facility building segment?

18. Aquaculture, operation and support
Can petroleum supply industry’s experience from offshore operations be used for aquaculture?

 19. Smart Cities
The cities of the future is a massive marketplace for technology companies. Can the petroleum supply industry find its niches?

20. From idea to product/market
Your company has the technology or idea for a technology, but how can you get from there to launching the product in the market? We look at idea refinement and funding, staff alignment and finding potential new technology markets