Philip Lambert confirmed as speaker at ONS 2014

Philip Lambert has been involved in some of the most important deals in the energy industry, and assisted the Norwegian government with the privatisation of Statoil.

Philip Lambert is the Chief Executive Officer of Lambert Energy Advisory, which is one of London’s leading M&A and Strategic Advisory firms dedicated solely to advising the global energy sector.

philiplambert01[modified]Lambert is renowned for taking part in a large number of important business deals in the international oil and gas industry and has provided strategic advice for several governments as well as companies like Shell, Total and BP.

“Philip Lambert can provide a clear picture of what is taking place on the Norwegian continental shelf, and the opportunities and challenges involved. He is fearless, to the point and very insightful” said Leif Johan Sevland, President and CEO of ONS.

Lambert will participate in the plenary morning session on Tuesday 26 May under the topic: “The NCS – limitless possibilities, but is the price too high?”

Also participating in this session are Tord Lien, Norway’s Minister of Petroleum and Energy, Trevor Garlick from BP, Arne Sigve Nylund from Statoil and Tore Halvorsen from FMC Technologies.

Other confirmed speakers

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla

Maria van der Hoeven, Executive Director of IEA

Sara Akbar, CEO of Kuwait Energy

The Norwegian Prime Minister and Minister of Petroleum and Energy

Helge Lund, CEO of Statoil