ONS – Syneidesis announcement

The ONS Foundation is pleased to welcome members of The Syneidesis Group to ONS 2016 29 August – 1 September in Stavanger, Norway.

Together with ONS, Syneidesis will host it’s 5th annual “Dinner for 12” on the evening of Tuesday, August 30th. The Syneidesis “Dinner for 12” is part social gathering and part business, bringing visionary investors and the CEOs, Chairs, or Board members of leading Energy and Tech companies together around one table for an evening of insightful discussions and comradery.

About The Syneidesis Group:

Syneidesis is a private society of first movers; Families, Foundations, and Sovereign Wealth Funds who seek to expand their distribution channels worldwide. Each individual brings a unique regional or sector expertise to the group, from Natural Resources in MENA to Technology Innovators in Silicon Valley to Investment Conglomerates in Asia. Syneidesis meetings are always held in secure locations providing members a safe-haven retreat, because the right environment is paramount when establishing new partnerships. Commitment, Honor, and Discretion are the guiding principles for the group.

About the ONS Foundation

The ONS Foundation is a non-profit organization and was founded in 1974. For more than 40 years ONS has been gathering the international energy industry to network, debate, do business and plan for the future. Last time more than 90 000 people visited the exhibition and conference. The ONS Conference is known as one of the world’s most important oil, gas and energy fora, giving the delegates a sneak peek into the future of the energy world. The main conference brings together the key players in the international oil and gas industry and relevant political leaders.