Save money and build your network with ONS Student Host Programme

With our host programme, you can stay with a student in Stavanger for free, attend University Day and expand your network with students from different parts of Norway.

PT6A5431[modified]ONS would like to give students from all over the country the opportunity to visit ONS Young and University Day. However, as we all know, getting a hotel room in town during this week is extremely difficult, and not least expensive. That is why we are organising ONS Student Host Programme.

How it works
The host programme is a service that connects students to each other and makes it easier for visitors to attend University Day.

Advantages for both visitors and hosts

  • Free access to University Day and ONS Young
  • Expand your network with students from all over Norway and industry representatives
  • Access to social events with exhibitors and industry representatives
  • Win a helicopter trip to the Pulpit Rock

Want to be a host?
If you want to be a host, you must have a bed, mattress or sofa in your home. Your accommodation must also be available from Monday 25 to Thursday 28 August.

Want to stay with a student for free?
If you want to participate in our host programme, it is important that you treat the host’s accommodation with respect and tidy up after yourself.

To sign up, please contact

Mari Myhre
Project Coordinator, ONS Young