ONS Distinguished Service Award to Jostein Haukali

The very first director of ONS, Jostein Haukali, has been honoured with the ONS Distinguished Service Award for his important contribution to the development of ONS.

Jostein Haukali played a key role in the establishment of ONS, together with Arne Rettedal and Torolf Smedvig. Haukali received the award during a ceremony at Stavanger Concert Hall on Tuesday evening.

Haukali was one of the founders of ONS, and its first director. From 1 January 1973, he worked exclusively to enhance his expertise in the oil industry. He travelled to Houston to learn from OTC, formed visions, developed strategies and built up the organisation that hosted the very first ONS in 1974.

“Jostein Haukali is one of the people who have had the greatest influence on the development of ONS. As our first director, he laid a solid foundation and later became our ambassador in the oil and gas industry.  His relentless efforts for ONS have been invaluable and we are therefore pleased to grant him our greatest honour, the ONS Distinguished Service Award,” says Lars Takla, chairman of the ONS board.

The Award
The ONS Foundation’s statutes state the following: “This award is presented to a person for distinguished service in working actively to promote the Norwegian petroleum sector, both domestically and internationally, and for pursuing initiatives and activities linked to ONS events.”