ONS Conference session: The Middle East – Energy and Politics

Florence Eid is Founder and CEO of Arabia Monitor. At the conference session the Middle East – Energy and politics, she will present risks and opportunities of doing business in this region.

Arabia Monitor is a research firm focused on the Middle East and
North Africa region.478 KIL-9546[modified]

Florence Eid will address main economic and geopolitical ri
sks facing MENA, the Iraq-Kurdistan situation, in addition to Iran’s and Saudi Arabia’s role and the rift between the two countries. Further she will talk about expectations on trade trends in the region.

“The Xi Jinping administration has voiced considerable optimism about the future of Sino-MENA commerce, forecasting that bilateral trade will exceed USD 600B by the end of the decade (USD 350B today).  If China’s RMB internationalisation strategy and its One Belt One Road initiatives make headway in the MENA region, there is a good possibility that the target could be reached or even exceeded,” says Eid.

The session The Middle East – Energy and Politics will be
held Tuesday 30 August, between 14.00-16.30.

Speakers and topics:

Sverre Lodgaard

Sverre Lodgaard – Senior Research Fellow, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI)



Florence Eid


Florence Eid – Founder and CEO, Arabia Monitor
Risks and opportunities of doing business in the Middle East




Helima Croft[modified]


Helima Croft – Managing Director and Global Head of Commodity Strategy, RBC Capital Markets
Understanding OPEC



Nizar Mohammad Al-Adsani


Nizar Al-Adsani – Preident and CEO, Kuwait Petroleum Corporation
Business as usual in an unusual market



Luca Bertelli


Luca Bertelli – Chief Exploration Officer, ENI

Insights on Egypt ultra fast track developments of Zohr and Nidoco discoveries