ONS Conference session: Leading Through Transition

In order to succeed with changes and transformation processes, excellent leadership is crucial. The session Leading Through Transition, will showcase examples of leaders that have lead, or are leading businesses through tough times.


One of the speakers is Kristian Røkke, who has long experience from several companies in the Aker group. He lead Aker Philadelphia Shipyards through a successful transformation, from empty docks to full order books. He has now taken on another challenging task, as CEO of Akastor, a Norway-based oil-services investment company with a portfolio of industrial holdings, real estate and other investments.

In this session leaders from both the oil and gas industry, and other relevant industries such as the automotive, telecom and Formula 1, will speak of key leadership skills and experiences from leading businesses successfully through transition.

Speakers and topics

Kristian aka backgounrd new1[modified]Kristian Røkke – CEO, Akastor: Experiences from transforming businesses





Svein Richard Brandtzæg – CEO, Hydro: Building a cost conscious corporate culture


Lorenzo Simonelli.

Lorenzo Simonelli
– CEO, GE Oil and Gas: What are theleadership skills that matter the most today?


Berit Svendsen.

Berit Svendsen
– Executive Vice President Telenor Group and CEO Telenor Norway: Surviving continuous changes in the telecom market


AK40 - Dr Becker-8[modified]

Dr. Thomas Becker
– Vice President Governmental and External Affairs, BMW Group: Transitions in the automotive industry


Marcus Ericsson
– Professional Race car driver, Sauber Formula 1 Team: Handling continuous change in extreme situations. (Sponsored by IFS).

“The ONS Conference will focus on the actions that are needed to steer from the current market situation to a more stable and desirable one. I believe the oil and gas industry will benefit from adopting relevant experience from other industries that have gone through – or are going through – processes of transformation,” says Programme Director for ONS, Ingvild Meland.

Leading Through Transition will be held during the afternoon sessions on Monday 29 August, between 15.00 – 17-15. You can choose between day passes or week passes for the ONS Conference.

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