ONS 2014 main theme: Changes

The only constant is change.

With an infant Norwegian oil industry as a backdrop, ONS was first held in 1974. Around 7,000 people visited the exhibition, and the primary focus was on the black gold, oil.

Much has changed in the 40 years since then. Oil prices have risen and fallen. And risen again. The industry has taken technological quantum leaps ahead – and down into ultra-deep reservoirs.


This picture is from the very first ONS in 1974 – join us for our 40th anniversary in 2014 and experience the changes in the industry.

Major field developments have been replaced by less costly subsea solutions. New business areas and occupational tasks arise, while others have disappeared. Fewer people work offshore, and more of production is managed from onshore operations centres.

At the same time, the world is constantly changing – through democracy processes, industrialization and war.  Political and financial centres move, and new countries come to dominate the energy stage. What will this mean in terms of access to energy in the future?

Energy requirements and consumption has increased – and continues to do so dramatically. The climate is changing, which in turn spurs change and action from the global community. Access to resources is also shifting its centre of gravity, and affects the markets, such as for example shale gas has done.

We know that everything changes, so the question is what is around the next corner. Which natural resources will be most in demand? Which will we stop turning into energy? Will renewable forms of energy become commercial enough to create an explosion in innovation and business development like that in the oil and gas industry? It is the combined global technology industry that drives the world forward. The oil and gas industry is a natural component of this high-tech wheel.

Which changes will affect the industry in the years to come?
And how will the industry’s innovation and technology development lead to world change?

These are the issues that will be raised at ONS 2014 under the main theme Changes.

The world is changing. The future is changing. The oil and gas industry is changing. Come and see what lies ahead.

ONS 2014