NPD’s IOR Awards

The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) present their IOR Awards finalists.

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The IOR prize is given to a production licence, company, project or individual expected to create added value on the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS) through groundbreaking work related to improved oil recovery.

This year’s award is the 15th since the prize was instituted by the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate in 1998. The following points are given weight when assessing potential recipients:

  • implementing innovatory technology or applying established techniques in new ways
  • more intelligent working methods and processes
  • maturity of the project
  • willingness to accept risk, boldness and courage
  • outstanding research.

No less than 26 nominations were received by the jury for this year’s award, and these varied greatly. Companies, fields, technologies, research institutes and individuals were among those nominated.

Moderator: TBC


Alvheim licensees: The licensees for the Alvheim field in the North Sea have been willing to take risks in order to find and produce more oil in the area. Implementing newly developed technology, sharing data and being able to view the area as a whole have helped to more than double its recoverable reserves.

Resman: Technology company Resman has developed a method for wireless monitoring of oil reservoirs which provides the operator with continuous information from different formations and wells. That in turn provides better reservoir management, and leads to improved oil and gas recovery from the field.

Professor Svein Magne Skjæveland: Many reservoir engineers have a relationship with professor emeritus Svein Magne Skjæveland at the University of Stavanger (UiS). Through his research and expertise development in the petroleum sector since the 1970s, he has contributed in his own way to improving oil recovery.


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