New Project Manager for Clean Energy

“Never before has ONS put more effort into clean energy, and this will show in the conference programme, the themes in the Centre Court and in the exhibition,” says Ingvild Meland, the new Project Manager for CleanEnergy.

Ingvild Meland has extensive experience in the oi land gas industry. She worked for nine years forPetoro, the company which manages the interests of the Norwegian state in the Norwegian continental shelf, and for one year for the operating company Eni Norge. She also has experience of committee work for the World Petroleum Congress.

“This has given me great insight into the breadth of the oil industry on the Norwegian continental shelf, especially from a commercial perspective.”

As Project Manager for the ONS Clean Energy concept, Ingvild Meland will be working on Clean EnergyPark, as well as on the content of the programmes at the ONS Conference and ONS Centre Court.

You have ten years’ oil and gas experience. How involved are you in clean energy?

“I think most people can see that climate change poses real challenges, and that this concerns me and you. The world energy balance needs to be changed, and if ONS is to be a credible arena to debate energy issues, it is vital that clean energy is also addressed,” she says.

A commercial view on clean energy
With her commercial background, Ingvild Meland has good knowledge of the mechanisms in the industry, which she believes can benefit the exhibitors in Clean Energy Park.

“The concepts that succeed are those that are commercially viable, that can make money. At ONS the exhibitors in Clean Energy Park can meet technology companies and potential investors that can help make their concepts competitive,” adds Meland.

“I believe energy from cleaner sources will be increasingly competitive in relation to oil and gas in the future, and it’s important to see how we can exploit the synergies between them.”

Vacant exhibition space in Clean Energy Park
Ingvild Meland encourages companies with solutions which leave a smaller environmental footprint or which reduce pollution to contact ONS to get exhibition space in Clean Energy Park.

“We still have a little free space, and many exciting companies have registered already. In addition to the exhibition area Clean Energy Park, there will be focus on clean energy and renewable solutions both at the Conference and in Centre Court,” she concludes.

Read more about Clean Energy Park and see the preliminary list of exhibitors.