At ONS 2016 we open a brand new exhibition hall. Become an exhibitor!

The brand new Hall 6 (previous hall V) is the latest addition to the ONS family. The hall has a great number of benefits for exhibitors and visitors in 2016.

This means that there will be room for even more exciting exhibitors at ONS 2016!

The new main entrance to the ONS venue
The hall is newly built, modern and equipped with all necessary facilities. The hall is 5,100 square metres. There is a bus stop just outside – perfect for visitors arriving by shuttle or city buses.

“With Hall 6 we expand the ONS venue towards Stavanger’s city centre, and the hall becomes a natural entrance for the several thousand people who will be arriving from downtown,” says VP Marketing and Information, Jon Are Rørtveit.

“The size of the hall also makes it interesting. This will be our biggest exhibition hall, which gives room for a great number of interesting exhibitors,” he says.

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Hall 6 is placed in a location that you probably have walked past when attending ONS. The advantage in 2016 will be that the exhibition starts as soon as you hop off the bus. The hall is also situated between the ONS parking area at Lassa and the rest of the ONS area, ensuring a good flow of traffic throughout the day.

For those arriving at ONS via one of the other entrances, the hall is likely to be a natural place to stop en route to the city centre.

“Hall 6 will become ”the talk of town” in 2016,” Rørtveit concludes.

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