Left school and started his own company

At the age of 18, Max Gouchan dropped out of school and co-founded Clicklift, a company developing new lifting solutions to increase safety offshore. At ONS Young he will talk about how he – without any experience – started up his own company in the oil & gas industry.

MaxGouchan2Despite his young age, Max Gouchan (20) has already achieved a high level of success. He is the CEO and co-founder of Clicklift. Gouchan has a background in politics and has held several leading positions at The Norwegian Young Conservatives.

The young businessman is extremely passionate about management and innovation. Gouchan is also a board member of several start-up companies and has clear goals for the future; to build companies that make life easier and better for many people.

Gouchan will speak at the Young Professionals Arena on 27 August.