Managing Director and magician Tor Arnesen to speak at ONS Young

Tor Arnesen is a man of many talents. Not only is he the Managing Director of A/S Norske Shell but he is also a magician! At ONS Young, he will talk about why he has chosen a career in the energy industry, and how he from time to time is using magic in his everyday life

Arnesen started his exciting journey at A/S Norske Shell in 1984, since then, he has worked his way up the career ladder. Today he is the leader of the company in Norway.

Tor Arnesen will speak during Future Students’ Days and is really looking forward to meeting the teenagers. “They’re all in that stage of life where they have to choose what they want to study. I’d like to show them the many opportunities to be found in the energy industry,” says Arnesen.

Arnesen thinks it is important they choose a study programme they find interesting but also an area that is beneficial to society.  “By choosing a career in the energy industry you can make a difference to the lives of your great-grandchildren. And what’s more valuable than that?” Arnesen adds.

tor_arnesen92Apart from running A/S Norske Shell, Arnesen is also very fascinated by magic. “When I was young I wanted to learn something different and fun, and then I discovered magic. But my friends always said that I wanted to learn it just to impress the girls… but that didn’t really work out very well,” the hobby magician says.

Arnesen holds a bachelor degree in HR and has fulfilled Master programmes in Marketing, Strategy and Leadership .

Tor Arnesen will speak at Future Students’ Days on 27 & 28 August.