Managing change in a fast evolving environment

Since the ONS theme this year is Changes, we are pleased to announce that Hans Kristian Sundt is one of the speakers at ONS Young. In many ways, change has become the underlying theme of Sundt’s exciting career; evolving around technology and market development with aspirations to shape the future.

Sundt started his career as a process engineer working on technology development projects at Vetco Aibel. Only three years later, he became the manager of the R&D department spesialising in topside processing. Since then, he has held several managing positions within technology and market development in different companies.

Building on these experiences, he is now working as Product Manager for Subsea Processing in GE Oil & Gas. Sundt is responsible for development projects involving large parts of GE’s organisation, a role he finds extremely challenging and exciting.

At ONS Young, Sundt will share the experiences of change that he has met throughout his career.

“I want to share my story with the students, such as why I have chosen to stay in the oil and gas industry, what it’s like to be working in large multinational companies, and how change is the core of my job today” says Sundt.

Sundt holds a MA in Chemical Engineering, spesialising in Process Control. He will speak at University Day, 26 August.