IEA presents: The Future of Energy

The future brings change. But which areas of the energy industry are most exposed to disruption and dramatic change?

Speakers of the session “Energy future  –  keep your eyes on the ball” will bring tomorrows energy one step closer to you.

The session’s keynote speaker is Kamel Ben Naceur, IEA’s Director for Sustainability, Technology and Outlooks. He is a former Schlumberger executive with extensive experience in technology and clean energy. Mr. Ben Naceur has served as the Chief Economist at Schlumberger in Paris, with responsibility for the strategic outlook of the world’s largest oil and gas services company. In 2014, he became Tunisia’s Minister for Industry, Energy and Mines.

IEA is one of the most important energy agencies worldwide.
“IEA fulfills an important role in contributing to energy security, economic development, to raise awareness of environmental issues and to secure global engagement on significant energy issues”, says president and CEO of ONS, Leif Johan Sevland.

Can energy be reliable, affordable and greener?

With this session we are addressing the future energy mix, including the role of oil, gas and renewables going forward. The session also addresses relevant disruptive technologies and global trends.

IEA-Portrait corporate


Kamel Ben Naceur
Director Sustainability, Technology and Outlooks, IEA
World Energy Outlook


Remi Eriksen -15[modified]


Remi Eriksen



Konsernsjef Christian Rynning-Tønnesen


Christian Rynning-Tønnesen
CEO, Statkraft
The future of renewables


Stefan Hyttfors[modified]


Stefan Hyttfors
Future trends and disruptive change



Energy Future – Keep your eyes on the ball will be held during the morning session on Wednesday 31 August, between 10.00 – 12.00. You can choose between day passes or Full Conference Pass for the ONS Conference.

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