Harder, better, stronger, faster with Personal innovation

During University Day at ONS, Vicotria H. Stensø will share how she became a consultant, working with several large organizations in Dubai.

Victoria.hoie.StensoVictoria H. Stensø will share how she managed to go from not knowing anyone in this region, to successfully establishing InnovationLab, that within a short period of time has gained clients from a wide area of the local business environment.

Stensø will talk us through her journey – and explain why InnovationLab, where she is a Co-founder and Managing Director, decided to expand their business to Dubai and the U.A.E.

“There is a huge difference between just networking, and doing smart networking; It took me many years to really start networking in a ”smart” way, and create a network that was not draining my energy, but actually a network that fueled me and gave me business value,” says Stensø.

University Day
The energy and oil industry offers endless possibilities. At University Day, Tuesday 30. August, we have gathered talented people to give valuable input to your future career choice.

Stensø will talk about Personal Innovation, and she will address three topics in particular:

  • Daring to find a market place where you can stand out as unique and different.
  • How to go from building a biggest possible network, to building a SMART network
  • How important it is to create a ”story”, not just a cv

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