“Great chances for entrepreneurs to influence offshore wind”

“Offshore wind is in a disruptive phase, with many unsolved problems. That means great opportunities for entrepreneurs,” says Ole-Erik Vestøl Endrerud, founder and CTO of Shoreline. At ONS Young in 2016, he will talk about how he created his own career and his own company.

Ole-Erik Vestøl Endrerud had originally planned to be an oil engineer. After two master’s degrees, he decided to top it off with a PhD, and that was when he discovered career opportunities in offshore wind.

Ole-Erik Vestøl Endrerud, founder and CTO of Shoreline will speak at ONS Young.

Ole-Erik Vestøl Endrerud, founder and CTO of Shoreline will speak at ONS Young.

Like a big computer game
“It all started when I was researching maintenance strategies to bring down the costs of offshore wind. As there was no tool for this kind of research, I had to develop it myself. Now the tool is the main focus and the foundation of my company Shoreline,” says Vestøl Endrerud.

The tool is called Maintsys and is a computer system that helps companies analyse operations, maintenance and logistics for offshore windfarms.

“It’s like a big computer game,” says the entrepreneur. “It’s cloud-based, and so it’s available anywhere. You can use it on a tablet or smartphone.”

Opportunities in offshore wind
Vestøl Endrerud believes many people with qualifications for the oil and gas industry could equally well use them in offshore wind. Also, there is a need for more competent people.

“The many unsolved problems in the offshore wind industry make it easier to get responsibility and interesting tasks. Anyone who has studied electricity, mechanics or hydraulics can use their knowledge in offshore wind. With a little additional training, people who have specialised in petroleum should also be able to transfer their knowledge; they have plenty of scientific expertise.”

Inspiration for students at ONS Young
Vestøl Endrerud’s talk will be on University Day at ONS Young; there he will explain why it is so exciting to be an entrepreneur.

“I will also say that offshore wind is not something that merely could be big. There is already a huge industry in Europe, and there will be incredibly big opportunities here in Norway in the coming years,” he says.

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