Christopher Hoftun: From NASA to ONS Young

Some drill for oil and gas below the bottom of the sea. Very few get to drill on planets in space…

Christopher Hoftun[modified]Christopher Hoftun was the first Norwegian professional football player in Brazil. He has worked with planetary drilling at NASA, USA. Clearly, Hoftun has an exciting background. At ONS Young, he wants to show the pupils that everything is possible – if you just dare to follow your dreams.

It was an adventurous, sporty and hopeful Christopher that moved to Brazil to become a professional football player at the age of 18. However, after 7 years of playing in the land of football, Christopher was injured and had to leave the sport once and for all.

With a passion for the South American culture, Christopher decided going to university and study petroleum so he could move back to Brazil one day.

Planetary drilling for NASA
While he was finishing his bachelor degree, he was offered a once in a lifetime opportunity: Move to the US to work with planetary drilling at NASA. At ONS Young, he will talk about this life changing experience.

Hoftun holds a bachelor degree in Petroleum Technology, and is currently fulfilling an MA in Industrial Economics at the University of Stavanger. He is also the CEO of Mars Institute’s European branch.

Hoftun will speak at Future Students’ Days on 27 and 28 August and at the final of ONS Gründercamp 28 August.