Welcome to the ONS Festival!

There are three important things to know about the festival: It’s for everybody. It’s free. It’s fun!

The ONS Festival makes ONS an event unlike any other in this industry. And we’re proud of it! Our aim is to take good care of our guests who come to ONS and offer them an arena for social networking in the evenings.The festival area is right in the heart of Stavanger, in the city’s intimate harbour. This has proven to be the perfect meeting place for mixing business with pleasure.

We’d also like to point out that the festival is open to anyone in Stavanger who wants to come, whether they’ve been to the exhibition or not.

During the ONS Festival, Stavanger Harbour will be transformed into a small urban village. Guest cities and Norwegian regional pavilions offer unique food, drink and entertainment from their respective parts of the world.


Programme in pavilions during ONS 2018: 27 Aug – 29 Aug 

  • Lister region:
    Monday: Kongsham Bryggeresturant will bring the best fish and shellfish from the coast of Stavanger. Sharing meny consisting of shrimp, mussels, fish and crab
    Tuesday: UNDER – Europes first underwater restaurant will present a variety of seafood dishes.
    Wednesday: Traditional Grand Hotel Flekkefjord will serve food made with local Norwegian products
    Entertainment: Silje Torsøe – jazz
  • Telemark region:
    A menu based on local products and ingredients from the Telemark Region, including traditional burgers and wraps.
    Entertainment: Vibeke Siljan on vocal and Ianco playing the piano every night. R&B, soul and jazz.
  • Northern Norway region:
    Whale wok, cured and smoked whale ham, fish burgers and dry cod salad.
    Entertainment: The North Norwegian troubadour Jøran Breivik will create a special atmosphere in the tent
  • Kristiansund region:
    Bacalao Bistro will be serving its traditional clipfish-based bacalao, haddock and fish cakes made by Smia Fiskerestaurant.
    Entertainment: Singer-songwriters Brynjar Takle Ohr and Mathias Unhjem Rognskog will entertain the guests.
  • Esbjerg:
    A variety of tapas, hot and cold dishes, served with a Danish twist.
    Entertainment: Sun Brothers – Esbjergensis Blues will be playing guitar and bass. Melodies with a mixture of jazz, blues and jive makes the perfect dance music!
  • Houston:
    Tex-mex based menu presented by local restaurant Harry Pepper
    Entertainment: Texas line dancers will be performing outside the pavilion
  • Florø region:
    To Kokker will be serving local food from Florø. A sefood wok in the garden during the afternoon and a varied seafood buffet will be served in the evening.
    Entertainment: Allan Madsen, one-man band
  • Take A Hike:
    All good hikes include a good break. Come in and enjoy local quality products, and a different atmosphere
  • Apply Sørco:
    Ostehuset will be serving a varied buffet with hot and cold dishes and tapas.
    Entertainment: Background music

If you are a group and want to be guaranteed a spot at a pavilion, you may contact and book at the pavilion directly, contact:

The festival is free and open to everyone – all three days!

Stavanger Harbour is full of boats during the festival, and so it’s full of life and atmosphere. If you want to dock your boat in the harbour, please contact Stavanger Port Authority.

Tel: +47 51 50 12 01
VHF Channel 12