Extension of field life

An increasing number of installations in the North Sea are reaching the end of their design life. Technology developments and systematic maintenance have allowed these installations to extend production beyond this barrier. How can we maintain safe and cost-effective operations of assets installed many years before today’s technology and regulations were developed?

Speakers and topics

Opportunities & challenges in Balder life extension
Trond Morten Thomassen, Integrity and Modification Project Supervisor
Point Resources

Digitalized mooring system integrity management
Babak Ommani, Senior Research Scientist, Marine Structures,

Wood structural corrosion initiative
Karoline Neumann, Industrial PhD student

Automated IMR operations for risers and flowlines
Torgeir Bræin, Technical Manager
Kongsberg Ferrotech

Effect of supervisory activity on the risk level
Ole Jørgen Melleby, Head of HSE management section
Petroleum Safety Authority

The uninspectable in the life extension of subsea 
Matthew Tremblay, VP, Global Offshore Markets

Carbon fibre pipe:the present and the future
Matthew Massey, Vice President – Commercial
Magma Global

James Priddy, Senior Engineer
Magma Global


Moderator: Astrid Huglen, VP Business Services, Point Resources

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