Clean Energy Park

The world is changing – and so is ONS. The name of our alternative energy initiative at ONS is Clean Energy Park. The park is placed around the ONS Centre Court, where a large part of the conference programme focus on clean energy.

The Clean Energy Park has a broad focus

ONS wishes to present the diversity of businesses, technology and energy forms represented in clean energy. Clean energy means measures to create energy with a smaller environmental footprint and minimise pollution.

With the Clean Energy Park, ONS aims to show how technology transfer between different sectors can lead to sustainable energy solutions.

Here you will meet well-established companies presenting their solutions – as well as new businesses with exciting ideas that are on the lookout for partners.

The businesses at the Clean Energy Park have a relevance or link to the petroleum industry.

The park is located in the middle of hall 9.

Sponsor Clean Energy Park

Who should exhibit?

Clean Energy Park is a showroom for companies providing technologies, products and/or solutions promoting:

  • cleaner fossil energy production
  • smart use of energy on the petromaritime industry
  • renewable energy production
  • smart power development and optimisation including enabling technologies

The park is also dedicated to relevant research institutes and innovation enablers.

Clean Energy Park illustration

Why exhibit at Clean Energy Park?

This is where you will meet future customers and partners. Established companies in the oil and gas industry are focusing more and more on clean energy, and are interested in new technology and ideas.