Clean Energy Park

ONS is committed to present the diversity of businesses, technologies and energy forms related to clean energy.
Meet the companies who develop energy with a reduced environmental footprint.

Laying the foundation for new energy forms and solutions

The Clean Energy Park is a showroom for companies providing technologies, products and/or solutions promoting:

  • cleaner fossil energy production
  • smart use of energy on the petromaritime industry
  • renewable energy production
  • smart power development and optimisation including enabling technologies

The park will also feature relevant research institutes and innovation enablers.


Clean Energy Park illustration

The Clean Energy Park has a broad focus

Visit the Clean Energy Park and learn how technology transfer between different sectors can lead to sustainable energy solutions with a smaller environmental footprint.

Meet well-established companies presenting clean energy solutions, as well as new businesses with exciting ideas that are on the lookout for partners.

All businesses at the Clean Energy Park have a relevance or link to the oil and energy industry.

New addition - Next Energy @ ONS 2018

Next Energy by Innovation Norway will showcase the 12 most promising Norwegian companies that focus on clean energy technology, offshore renewables, carbon capture solutions, new energy solutions and more environmental friendly production of oil and gas.


Interested in  participating at the Next Energy @ ONS 2018? The application form to the Next Energy @ ONS 2018 program will open December 12th.



The park is located in the middle of hall 9.

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