EPIM JQS – Going live October 1st 2018

EPIM invites to a session where we introduce the new joint qualification system (JQS) that will enable purchasers better overview and accuracy of suppliers serving the NCS. EPIM JQS contains new features for both buyers and suppliers and enables your company to be up to date with a unique presence to present your products, service and informative news feeds.


When and where:

  • Tuesday 28 August 2018
  • 15:30 – 17:00
  • Hall 10, room 3

15:30: The ambiton of EPIM JQS?

  • Why has EPIM JQS been established and what are the main goals and ambition?
  • What does operators, contractors and Norsk Industri say regarding EPIM JQS?

16:00: Demo of EPIM JQS features and benefits

  • EPIM will demonstrate the step-change this solution brings with regards to usability, accuracy and updated data, as well as search functionality to name a few.

16:30: How to join and onboard EPIM JQS

  • The onboarding process is ongoing, and a great number of companies has already onboarded the EPIM JQS service. Iin this short session we will provide information to help you start your onboarding.


EPIM is a non-profit membership organization established in November 2007 and governed by the operators on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. 

Andre Oaland
EPIM JQS Solution Expert
Aage Gramstad
EPIM JQS Project Manager
Yngve Nilsen
EPIM JQS Service Manager