Conference session: Emerging markets – the new customers for oil and gas

Energy is the source to industrialisation, growth and urbanisation. In this conference session we take a close look into the energy demands of emerging markets.

One of the speakers, Chris Rynning, CEO of Staur Asset Management, has invested in energy projects in China for more than a decade.

“Energy demand in China is robust, but could we see negative demand shifts and what would that imply for businesses and national budgets? What could cause a collapse in Chinese energy markets and how could it be avoided? At ONS 2016 I will dive into Chinese energy demand and supply. Can China shift to sustainable and clean energy, or will we see decades of coal and oil dependency?” Rynning says.

Hear his conclusions at the ONS Conference.

Speakers and topics
Spencer Dale[modified]

Spencer Dale
Group Chief Economist, BP
Where will the future energy demand come from?



Roger Bounds[modified]


Roger Bounds
Vice President Global Gas, Royal Dutch Shell
Asian gas and LNG market


15th Sept'2009. Profile Shoot of Narendra Taneja By Rajeev Dabral


Narendra Taneja
Energy Spokesperson, Bharatiya Janata Party
Reflections on Indian domestic market – and the need for oil and gas


Chris Rynning[modified]


Chris Rynning
CEO, Staur Asset Management
What could cause a collapse in Chinese energy markets?


Emerging Markets – New Customers for Oil and Gas will be held during the afternoon sessions on Wednesday 31 August, between 13.00 – 16.00. Choose between Full Conference Pass or day passes or for the ONS Conference.

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