DNV GL’s Remi Eriksen on the future of gas in the energy mix

Group President and CEO of DNV GL, Remi Eriksen, will address the energy trilemma and the role gas will play in the future energy mix at the ONS Conference 2016.

Eriksen will contribute in a plenary conference session called Energy Future – keep your eyes on the ball on Wednesday 31 August.

“The next three decades will see substantial increase in energy demand despite more efficient use of the energy generated. At the same time, a big part of the world expects the energy to be greener, more reliable and more affordable. This is what we refer to as the energy ‘trilemma’. No single energy source can deliver on this trilemma alone. As a consequence, the way we generate, transmit, distribute, store and use energy will change fundamentally in the coming decades,” says Remi Eriksen, Group President and CEO of DNV GL.

“Global coal and oil consumption will decline. Gas consumption will increase – becoming a major transport fuel and increasingly used for power generation. Energy systems will become much more decentralized compared to the systems we know today. In addition, we will be using the energy generated in a smarter and more efficient way – in transportation, buildings, industry production and consumer appliances,” he explains.

“Gas is the best partner for renewables through its reliability in balancing demand and its ability to accommodate renewable sources of energy through its infrastructure. And gas is not just gas – it comes from different sources. Through technologies such as Power to Gas and Power to Chemicals on micro or mesa scale, the existing gas infrastructure will continue to be utilized and new investments in such infrastructure will not necessarily be seen as wasting public money. However, the task at hand cannot be solved by the competence within one industry alone. We must foster cross-industrial collaboration that takes advantage of the expertise from many industries. Only then can we make the necessary transition to a low-carbon economy,” Eriksen says.

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