The ONS Summit – in cooperation with the Munich Security Conference

The ONS Summit is a forum for senior executives and politicians attending ONS to get together to discuss geopolitical energy and environmental issues.

The ONS Foundation and the Munich Security Conference Foundation (MSC) are partnering for a debate on energy markets, energy security challenges and the current geopolitics of energy. Led by ONS President and Chief Executive Officer, Leif Johan Sevland, and MSC Chairman, Ambassador Wolfgang Ischinger. The ONS Summit will take place from August 26 to 27, 2018 in Stavanger.

The ONS Summit aims to facilitate closer cooperation between political and corporate leaders in the energy world. Around 50 key leaders from the energy industry, politics and civil society will meet for off-the-record discussions on global energy trends, their geopolitical implications, and the challenges they pose to states, energy companies and technology providers.


ONS is one of the world’s most important meeting places for the oil and gas industry and is always attended by top executives from some of the world’s major oil companies, ministers from energy-producing nations and leaders of governments and organisations. These groups of decision makers are each in their own way in a position to influence the future of the energy industry. But they do not often get the chance to meet and discuss important issues.

The topics discussed here affect the whole world and in 2018 they will be related to the main theme of ONS 2018: INNOVATE.

Participation at the ONS Summit is by invitation only.