Conference topics and programme overview

Have a look at the speakers and topics at the ONS Conference 2014! A more substantial programme than ever before, with a combination of plenary and parallel sessions. The ONS Conference 2014 was a great success!

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Conference programme overview

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Conference topics ONS 2014 - Monday

Why changes are the key – Plenary session
The ONS conference starts with a focus on the global changes the energy world is facing. What changes will we see in energy supply? Which sources will be available – and which will be most in demand? How will renewable energy develop – and will innovation change the energy picture? Keynote speakers with different points of view will give us new insights.

Parallel sessions KJF2531
Mega projects – mega opportunities
Have a look at what will be the big game-changing projects in the near future. These mega projects have a huge potential – but also a set of complexities and challenges.

We must work smarter – but change hurts
The future of the energy business is constantly changing. We need to embrace different ways to work in order to be more efficient and resilient to changes. How can we work together to achieve the best possible results? We need to adjust faster and work smarter – but sometimes change hurts.

Conference topics ONS 2014 - Tuesday

The NCS – huge possibilities, but is the price too high? – Plenary session
What will it take to maintain the high activity and further develop the Norwegian Continental Shelf? We look at the demand for opening new areas. Is collaboration between operators and suppliers good enough to keep costs down and the pace of technology development up?

Parallel sessions
How to get more out of mature fields
Production from Norway’s giant mature fields is declining. New technology and innovative solutions are the keys to increased oil recovery. Businesses that can extract these ONS0296hard-to-reach resources effectively – with a strong focus on cost – will be the winners of the future.

The new centre of attention: The Middle East
A look at the major development projects in the Middle East. Global change alters mindsets – and opens up opportunities for companies with the will to enter new markets. Risks, future trends and other key insights about the possibilities in the Middle East.

Conference topics ONS 2014 - Wednesday

Sneak peek into the future: What will happen in the next 40 years? – Plenary session
What does the future have in store for the energy industry? Get the predictions about the new game changers, solutions and trends. Will the established industry be able to merge with new energy? And how can the oil and gas industry go from being the problem to being the solution?

Parallel sessions
Wake-up call
Renewable energy has entered into a new cycle of falling costs and ground-breaking technological developments. How can oil and gas enhance renewables? Don’t miss the business opportunities as the world is going greener.

Building great companies -HitecVision & Statoil Technology Invest Energy Finance Symposium
The opportunities lie ahead – but not without financing. Who will pay to develop the solutions we need? Financial forecasts, minimizing risk and increased focus on cost – get the know-how to exploit the opportunities and gain access to capital.