The new market reality - Simplification, standardisation and new business models

Welcome to a conference session where energy leaders discuss and showcase how they adapt to new market realities.

  • How does the industry adjust to the new market realities – with lower costs and lower prices?
  • How will this put pressure on the need for alternative business models, new technology and financial solutions?
  • Are there other ways of collaborating with stakeholders in the industry?
  • Will the low margins inhibit innovation and technology development?
  • Is the industry able to restructure and build sustainable efficiency along the value chain?

Looking for new thoughts
The industry has looked reality in the eye, and identified a number of touch points to focus on. Newly appointed President and CEO of Transocean recognise the need for increased cooperation and new business models.

“The dramatic and sustained decline in commodity prices, has forced all industry participants to challenge the way in which we have historically conducted business,” Jeremy Thigpen says.

COO of Statoil, Anders Opedal, is also on the lookout for new thinking:

“We need to think bigger and challenge ourselves by asking questions, such as could the future field developments be unmanned and how fast can all drilling be automated. I believe now is the time to re-invent our business models,” Opedal says.

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Conference session: Transition to a new market reality
Tuesday 30 August, 14.00 – 16.30

Speakers and topics

Mitglied des Vorstands der Siemens AG. Member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG.


Lisa Davis
Member of the Managing Board, Siemens AG
Innovation across the energy value chain


Thigpen 2x3[modified]
Jeremy Thigpen
President & Chief Exective Officer, Transocean
Leading a global rig company through major changes




Andy Samuel
CEO, Oil & Gas Authority UK
Seeking increased competitiveness on the UK shelf



Anders Opedal
Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, Statoil
Statoil’s early response to market changes – long term and short term effects?




Catherine MacGregor
President Europe & Africa, Schlumberger
Adapting to a new normal


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Cross border collaboration
“The global oil and gas industry is undergoing a period of significant change as it adapts to extremely testing market conditions. The issues and opportunities facing the UK sector are not dissimilar to those facing our North Sea neighbours. I am looking forward to building on our cross border collaboration, sharing some of our recent experiences as a catalyst for change and gaining valuable insights,” says Andy Samuel, Chief Executive, Oil and Gas Authority

Conference session: Transition to a new market reality
Tuesday 30 August, 14.00 – 16.30

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