Conference Session: Security Challenges – Watch Your Back

Energy businesses are operating in increasingly challenging environments. The industry must prepare for and adapt to future global trends, national and global security risks, geopolitical challenges and cyber threats. How can the industry take action to face these issues and reduce security risks?

RunaSandvikRuna Sandvik, Director for Information Security, Newsroom, in the New York Times, teaches digital security to journalists and helps media organisations improve their security. At ONS 2016 she will enlighten you on how to secure you business against cyber criminals.

“Digital systems play an important role in our daily lives. What seems to be missing is a focus on security. Security is a crucial part of any digital system, and it cannot be treated as an afterthought. As the energy business invests more heavily in digital systems, it is vital that we also consider what this means for the work we do and the data that we hold. Can we really afford to continue treating security as an afterthought?”

Sandvik is known for being the first to hack an automatic smart rifle, and has written many articles about cyber security for Forbes Magazine. Before she became Director of Information Security for the Newsroom in the New York Times, she was technical advisor for the Freedom of The Press Foundation where Edward Snowden is on the Board of Directors.

Ed Butler on operating in extremely challenging environments
Corporate Photographer London
Preventing terrorist attacks on energy facilities and protecting employees from harm is another important topic for the energy industry.

Ed Butler is Head of Risk Analysis, Pool Reinsurance Company. He has extensive experience spanning over three decades of counter terrorism, international relations, intelligence, security and risk management much of which was gained during 24 years on front line service with the British Army. At the ONS Conference, he will share his knowledge on operating in extremely challenging environments.

“Successful transition, in these unprecedented security times, depends on all source intelligence fusion, collaboration, and agile and bold leadership,” Butler says.

Session speakers



Runa Sandvik, Director for Information Security, Newsroom, New York Times



Corporate Photographer London


Ed Butler, Head of Risk Analysis, Pool Reinsurance Company




SirJohn Scarlett[modified] (1)


Sir John Scarlett, former Chief of the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6)



mclaughlin photo jpg face0[modified]


John McLaughlin, former Acting Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).



Read about Sir John Scarlett’s and John McLaughlin’s views on the security challenges facing the energy industry.

The afternoon session “Security Challenges – Watch your back”, is held at Tuesday 30 August, 14.00 until 16.15.

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