Important message for energy innovators – enter the competition for the ONS Innovation Awards!

The power of innovation and technological development are a common denominator for many companies in the energy industry. ONS has a tradition of honouring the best innovators with the ONS Innovation Awards. And now, dear innovators, it’s time to put your company’s name down for the competition.

Companies compete in two categories, one for large companies and one for SMEs. The deadline for entry is 19 May 2014. The portal for competing for the ONS Innovation Awards is now open and may be found here:

Compete for the ONS Innovation Awards.

Why take part?

From the Innovation Award in 2012. Photo:ONS/Kallen.

From the Innovation Award in 2012. Photo:ONS/Kallen.

Many of the most successful companies in the industry have been honoured with the ONS Innovation Award for their new products and solutions. ONS has given them the chance to show off their innovative projects to the global energy industry. A number of companies in their early stages gained important publicity with the award – and have since evolved into huge successes. Examples of this are Reelwell, Cubility and Tomax.

Now the big question is who will win the ONS Innovation Awards in 2014. Let the competition begin!

Strong focus on technology at ONS
The ONS Innovation Awards reflect our long-standing commitment to presenting and promoting innovative ideas to the international oil, gas and energy industry.

Companies exhibiting at ONS have consistently demonstrated that nothing is impossible. Technological progress continues to break new barriers, and ONS is proud to be a key venue for presenting this progress.

The ONS Innovation Awards are an important part of the ONS conference and exhibition. The high number of applications for these awards bears witness to the potential prestige for the winning enterprises. For ONS 2012 a total of 109 entries from 90 different small and large companies were evaluated by the international Innovation Jury.

The awards will be presented at the ONS Innovation Luncheon on Tuesday 26 August at 12.30 pm.


From the ONS Innovation Luncheon in 2010. Photo: ONS/Kallen

The Innovation Jury 2014

Siri Helle Friedemann, Research Council of Norway (Chair)
Line Amlund Hagen, INTPOW
Aris Lubbes, Fugro NV
Gordon Ballard, Schlumberger Oilfield UK plc
Trond Unneland, Chevron Technology Ventures
Knut Aaneland, North Energy ASA
Kalmar Ildstad, Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD)
Heidi Fuglum, ABB AS