CEO of Lundin Petroleum Alex Schneiter to speak at ONS 2016

Alex Schneiter is the top leader of Lundin Petroleum, one of the most successful companies on the Norwegian Shelf over the last years. With three major discoveries in the portfolio, and bold plans to continue exploring in the Barents Sea, there should be enough to cover at ONS 2016.


President and CEO of Lundin Petroleum Alex Schneiter.

The discoveries Johan Sverdrup, Alta-Gohta and Edvard Grieg have given Lundin Petroleum a solid foundation.

At ONS, Alex Schneiter will speak about Lundin’s long term Norwegian strategy in a plenary session on future prospects on the Norwegian Continental Shelf on Tuesday 30 August.

“Our success through the organic growth strategy in Norway has made Lundin Petroleum the largest independent E&P company in Europe today and the fourth largest resource holder in Norway,” Schneiter states, and continues:

“The Norwegian Continental Shelf offers resource exposure within the OECD region with a stable fiscal and SOCIO-political environment which is why I am very pleased that Lundin Petroleum’s two largest projects, Edvard Grieg and Johan Sverdrup, are in Norway. With these two projects, Norway will account for an ever increasing proportion of Lundin Petroleum’s production and cash flow growth for the next several years.”

Always present at ONS
Alex Schneiter says ONS has been an important meeting place for Lundin Petroleum for years:

“ONS is a blue ribbon event for the global oil and gas industry. We always ensure that our corporate and local Norway management teams attend this event to interact with governmental representatives, suppliers, joint venture partners, the financial community and other stakeholders. You are guaranteed that all relevant stakeholders will be represented at this event.”