ONS 2018 Innovation Awards – objectives, criteria and jury assessment

The ONS Innovation Awards address the wider energy sector in general and the petroleum sector in particular. ONS offers a unique marketing opportunity for enterprises, small and large, to present new solutions to all types of customers in these sectors. The main objective of the ONS Innovation Awards is to promote efforts to improve current solutions and to come up with new answers at all stages of
the value chain (upstream, production, downstream, transport and consumption). The ONS Innovation Awards are intended to encourage inventors, entrepreneurs, suppliers and contractors, large and small, to promote their products or services by entering them for this high-profile contest.

  • Challenges facing the petroleum industry will include a continued focus on
    increased recovery, developing cleaner, more cost effective and more efficient
  • World energy consumption is, according to the International Energy Agency
    (IEA), expected to continue growing. At the same time it is recognised that
    greenhouse gas emissions pose a threat to the environment. Replacing
    traditional sources of energy consequently offers opportunities for
    technologies related to renewables. Hence work on renewable energy must
    be stepped up.

General Rules and Criteria for the ONS innovation awards
Innovations accepted for consideration by the jury, and thereby for publication on the ONS web site and in the ONS Innovation Guide, should relate to industry requirements as outlined above, and:

  • constitute products, services or process solutions and/or applications which are new/newly developed, including management systems and work processes
  • be accompanied by a concise description of the technical innovation involved, an assessment of the innovation’s market potential and the possible market challenges facing it along with the health, working environment, safety and
    environmental aspects, and sufficient information on the applicant company to allow the jury to determine which award would be appropriate
  • be submitted via the internet to the organiser with full documentation at any time up to application deadline.

In order to achieve an effective and fair evaluation, the information requested must be submitted strictly in accordance with the specified format, which can be found on the ONS Innovation Awards website.

Jury assessment

The jury will allocate entries to the relevant awards (Innovation or SME Innovation). The following criterias will apply when evaluating the entries:

  • the added value by the introduction of the new product, service or process, and the level of innovation involved (innovation in the specific enterprise, in a specific industry or sector, national or wider market)
  • market readiness – whether any further development or demonstration is required in order to achieve market penetration
  • the local and world wide market potential of the innovation (annual sales, etc)
  • its likely business benefit to the enterprises involved (both innovator and users of the innovation)
  • its Health, Working Environment, Safety & Environmental impact

Applicants must cover the above issues in their application.

The jury deliberation is confidential.

The decision is made by simple majority vote. The chair has a double vote.